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Mr.Thomas Hirner from Slovakia
Ubud Market with Dr.Talati and Family
At Cok Rai Balinese Healer
Mr.Thomas Hirner and Lucy from Slovakia
Mr.Mr.Deaw and Ms.Bobae Kim from Korea
Mr.Mr.Deaw and Ms.Bobae Kim from Korea
Mr.Richard and Dr.Matt from Australia
Mr.Allan and Ms.Brigitte Haigh from Australia
Mr. Isao Kodama, Mr.Yamanaka and Mr.Honda from Japan
Git - git Waterfalls
Antosari Village, Tabanan
Goa Garba, Pejeng, Gianyar
Yeh Pulu, Bedulu, Gianyar
Uluwatu Rock Temple
Goa Rang - rang Waterfalls, Beng, Gianyar
Mr.Mike & Yuki Wilson from USA at Botanical Garden
Mr.Mike & Yuki Wilson from USA at Botanical Garden
Mr.Hugh and Ms.Kerry from Australia
Mr.Hugh and Ms.Kerry from Australia
Dr.Mahesh V Shah and Wife do White Water Rafting from India
Mr.David Wilkinson and Family do Cycling Tour from Australia
Balinese Wedding Ceremony
Ms.Tricia Keyte and Ms.Amanda from Australia at Turtle Conservation
Ponjok Batu Temple, Tejakula, Singaraja
Supported by Team Switzerland
Ijean Creater, Licin, East Java
With In Memoriam: Jero Mangku Ketut Liyer ( The Movie of Eat Pray Love )
Mr. Vickram Sing and family from india watching the dolphin in Lovina beach
Mr.Bernard Catilion and M.Lay from Franch
Mr.Butch and Ms.Maria Valenzuela from Phillipina taste coffee luwak
Mr.Jamie and Ms.Joanne from UK ( Honeymooner Guest ) do Cooking Class in Ubud
Mr.Karl from Australia buying some statue at Singapadu village
Mr.Lorenzo from France at Kedisan, Batur, Bangli
Mr.Pius and Ms.Veronika from Switzerland at Busung Biu rice terrace view
Ms. Cheryl and Ms.Tracey from Australia buying some buffalo skull carved at Tampaksiring Village
Ms Amy from Canada buying some tile at Sidemen Village
Bangko - bangko beach, South of Lombok Island
Carly and Kayla from USA do Mounth Batur Trakking
Dr Shetty and Wife from India
Dr.Kaustubh Patel, Dr.Rupande and Group from India at Kedisan Villige, Kintamani
Dr.Makrand, Dr.Gitika and Family from India do Waterspost
Dr.Seema Talati and Family do Watersport
Dr.Shenal, Dr.Reshma and Family from India do Water Sports
Dr.Shenal, Dr.Reshma and Family from India do White Water Rafting
Ibu Lily dan group dari Palangkaraya, Kalimantan (2)
Jonas and Arense from Denmarks
Lunch Time at Mahagiri Restaurant
Lydia and Sarah from USA do Purification
Mas Agus, Mbak Ade, Mbak Hildaria, Mas Mamat dan Mas Enal, Group dari BRI Makasar
Miss Assya and Miss Amelia from from Franch
Miss Evita and Mr.Woo from Australia do Mounth batur Trekking
Mr. Hugh Boyd and Ms.Kerry Boyd (Aussi)
Mr. Jussi Maatta and Family from Finland
Mr.Adam, Mr.Karl, Ms.Kimberly and Ms.Sharon at Bali Safari and Marine Park
Mr.Alvaro and Family from Spain
Mr.Andy and Ms.Tricia Keyte from Australia
Mr.Benny and Ms Wenjie from China at Botanical Garden
Mr.Bernard Catilion and M.Lay ( franch )
Mr.Butch and Ms.Maria Valenzuela from Phillipina at Coffee Plantation
Mr.Chris Caporn and Ms.Danni from Australia
Mr.Dipen and Ms.Nikita from India at Coffee Plantation
Mr.Eric and Ms.Henrike from Franch do North and East Tour
Mr.Fabien Chauvire and Family from Franch
Mr.Francesco and Ms.Irene from Italy
Mr.Hubert, MsCarmen and Family fron Switzerland
Mr.Ian Mocanu and Ms.Elena from Finland, Honeymooner Guest
Mr.Janes and Family from Franch
Mr.JC Simond, Ms.Agnes and Family from Franch do White Water Rafting
Mr.John Shols and Ms.Marion from Holland do East part of Bali Tour
Mr.Jonathan and Zaineb from Franch at Canggu Beach
Mr.Josh and Ms.Ginette from Australia
Mr.Julien and Ms.Katy from Franch( Honeymooner)
Mr.Lionel Hissette from Switzerland
Mr.Luke and Miss Caroline from Australia
Mr.Manish Dixie and Parent from India at Batukaru Temple1
Mr.Maroon and Ms Mary from Australia
Mr.Martyn and Ms.Sejla from Holland(Honeymooner)
Mr.Matin and Ms.Charlotte from Belgia at Beji Temple, Singaraja
Mr.Mike and Family do Tour and visit Orphanage
Mr.Mike and Ms.Karen from Autralia at Penglipuran Village
Mr.Nehel and Dr.Rachana from India
Mr.Peter Thaisen and Family from Denmark
Mr.Philippe Guimbeau and Ms Odile froum Mauritius
Mr.Radu Ilie and Ms.Ramona from Hungaria at Coffee Plantation
Mr.Raef, Ms.Nadine and Family do Watersport
Mr.Ram and Family from India do Watersports
Mr.Robert Hareland and Family from USA
Mr.Roger from Brazil do Swing
Mr.Roy Loel and Ms.Lorraine from Australia buying Silver Art Celuk Village
Mr.Sandip Shah and Ms.Bina from India
Mr.Simond and Family do white water rafting
Mr.Tiago and Ms.Dina Corriea from Portugal
Mr.TJ and Girl Freind from UK ( Lost Contact)
Ms.Connie and Mr. Ketut Lier
Ms.Daniese Ware from Australia
Ms.Mary from USA do day tour
Ms.Rachel Ester from Australi at Batuan Temple
Ms.Sue Buseski from Australia
Ms.Svenja and Ms.Fransiska from Swiss at Kanto Lampo Waterfalls
Ms.Tina from Denmarks
Giant Tree Munduk, Singaraja
Sarah and Arense from Denmark 1
Sarah and Arense from Denmark
Sarah and Arense watching dolphin
Sarah and Dillan from Holland do Trakking
Saranya and Mom fron Thailand at Coffee Plantation
Niralee do Swing
Vartika 01
Tibumana Waterfalls
Wanagiri, Singaraja
With 4 beautiful girls Sophia, Martine, Emelie and Eva from Denmarks
With 4 big guys Hanz, Jhonatan, Gustav and Christian
With Celina and Beat from Switzerland
With Daniel Butcher from Switzerland
With Mr.John Kehler from Australia
Mr.Lee and Ms.Sukyung Honeymooner from Korea
Dr.Tejas and Dr.Rupa from India do White Water Rafting and Water sports
Dr.Anurag Taulsyan and Group of 19 people from India do White Water Rafting
Mr.Davide Poole and Family from UK do Elephant Safari Ride
Mr.Abi and Wife do tour to Ijen Creater at East of Java
Dr.Gitika do Diving
Swim With the Dolphin at Keramas Beach
Forest Bee farm at mount Ijen
Rest area Poltuding, Ijen
Bunut Bolong, Pekutatan, Jembrana
Water Palace Tirtagangga
Bukit Putung, Duda Timur, Karangasem
Hidden Canyon, Guang, Sukawati
Balinese Pork Sausage ( Urutan ), Tenganan, Karangasem
Balian Beach
Turtle Conservation
At Celuk Silver Village
Relief Yeh Pulu, Bedulu, Gianyar
Sidemen Village
Relief Bitra, Gianyar
Sarkofagus, Bedulu, Gianyar
Tirta Empul, Tampaksiring, Gianyar
With Mr.Rivender Soile and Wife on Balinese Wedding Ceremony
At Besi Kalung Tempel, Penebel, Tabanan
Cross to Java Island
On Board of Ferry, Cross to Lombok Island
Batur Geo Park
Trunyan Village
Cock Fighting
Mr.Patrice and Ms.Florance from Belgium
Mr.Vig and Family from Singapore
VW Car
Mr.Raphael and Ms.Marion ( Honeymooner ) from France
Mr.Patrick and Ms.Caroline from Belgium
Mr.Chambers ( Pickles ) and Ms.Gayle from Australia
Fruits Market at Bedugul, Tabanan
Mount Batur
Mr.Karan and Ms.Charlotte ( ........... )
Gunung Kawi Temple
Mr.Cokorda Rai the healingman
Goa Gajah Temple, Bedulu
Tegenung Waterfalls
Joger, Luwus
Niralee and Vartika do Cycling and Mount Batur Trakking
Russell William ( Vidzy ) & Ms.Joss from Newzeland
Candi Jukut Paku, Singakerta, Ubud
Candi Tebing Kelebutan, Tatiapi, Pejeng
Candi Tebing Kerobokan, Cemadik, Pejeng Kangin

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